The Structure & Rheology Of Complex Fluids




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Introduction to Complex Fluids (CF) and Soft Condensed Matter (SCM). Basic Forces, Energies and Timescales in CF and SCM. Excluded volume interactions, Van Der Walls interactions, Electrostatic interactions, Hydmgen bonding. Relaxation phenomena in CS and SCM. Fundamentals of Rheology. Different types of flow fields, linear and nonlinear Visco-elasticity, Kinematics and stress, Boltzmann Superposition Principle. Various Characterization Techniques. Microscopy, Light scattering techniques, Dielectric spectroscopy, Rheaoptics Polymers. Rheology of dilute polymer solutions: Elementary molecular theories, linear and nonlinear rheology. Rheology of entangled polymers: Repetition theories, Transient network formulations Colloidal dispersions: Rheological behavior of dilute and concentrated suspensions of isotropic particles, non spherical particles, particles in viscoelastic media Glassy Systems: Introduction to glass transition. Rheology of amorphous polymers, very concentrated suspensions, emulsions, foams, colloidal gels. Relaxation behavior, yield stress, thixotropic behavior, ageing and rejuvenation. 



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