Fundamentals Of Chemical
Engineering -II




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Course Contents

Module on Thermodynamics:

  • Review of 1st and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (including applications).

  • PVT relations of pure fluids (cubic EOS, generalized correlations, compressibility factor).

  • Thermodynamic properties of pure fluids (Single phase systems: Thermodynamic potentials, Maxwell's relations, residual properties. Two phase systems: Clapeyron equation, Phase diagrams. Generalized property correlations for gases).

  • Multi component Mixtures: Partial molar properties, Gibbs Duhem equation, Chemical potential for phase equilibria, Fugacity and fugacity coefficient. The ideal solution and excess molar properties. Activity coefficients and models (Margules, NRTL, Wilson, UNIQUAC).

  • Vapor Liquid Equilibrium: multi component phase envelopes, gamma phi formulation, dew point, bubble point and flash calculations, modified Raoult's law, Henry's law.

  • Thermodynamic properties and VLE from cubic EOS.

  • Other types of phase equilibria: LLE, VLLE, SLE.

  • Heat of adsorption, multi component adsorption equilibrium.

  • Chemical reaction equilibrium. Module on Reaction Engineering.

  • Idealization in chemical reaction engineering.

  • Steady and unsteady state operation in idealized reactors.

  • Multiple reactions.

  • Non elementary reaction kinetics.

  • Modeling of Catalytic reaction kinetics.

  • External diffusion effects on heterogeneous reactions.

  • Diffusion and reaction in porous catalysts.

  • Design of fixed bed reactors.




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