Fundamentals Of Chemical
Engineering -I




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Course Contents

Mathematics module:

  • Linear algebra: Basics.

  • Linear algebra: Numerical methods.

  • Nonlinear algebraic equations: Numerical solution, including multivariable Newton Raphson method.

  • Ordinary differential equations: Basics.

  • Numerical solution of ODEs Initial value problems.

  • Numerical solution of ODEs Boundary value problems.

  • Probability and statistics.

  • Introduction to momentum transport.

  • Shell balances for 1D momentum transport.

  • Navier Stokes equations.

  • Unsteady and 2D momentum transfer.

  • Introduction to heat transfer.

  • Shell balances for 1D heat transfer.

  • Temperature distributions with more than one independent variable.

  • Introduction to mass transfer.

  • Diffusion and mass transfer in laminar flow.

  • Mass transfer with more than one independent variable.




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