Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics




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Laws of Thermodynamics: Introduction, Work, Heat, Energy , Review I of first Law for closed and open systems, properties of ideal gas and real fluids Reversibility and Entropy: Reversibility, the second law of I thermodynamics, Car not engine, entropy change for closed and open system Fundamental Equations: Thermodynamics calculus, thermodynamics 3 derivatives, Euler's theorem for homogeneous functions, Legendre's transformations, Derivative in terms of measurable properties Microscopic origin of entropy and elementary statistical mechanics 3Equilibria and stability: Equilibrium criteria, stability criteria, Maxwell 4construction, binodals , spinodals, Gibbs Phase Rule, Clapeyr on equation and vapor pressure. Correlations Pure component properties: Equation of state, Ideal gas heat capacities, 5ti.mdamental equations from experimental data, fugacity and corresponding states Mixture Properties: Mixing function, partial molar quantities, Gibbs 9Duhem relation for mixtures, partial Molar quantities from experimental data, Ideal gas mixtures and fugacities, ideal mixtures and activities, excess functions, excess Gibbs free energy models, infinite dilution properties and Henry's Law. 



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