Fluid Mechanics And Its Application




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Introduction: Fluid, fluid types (Newtonian/Non Newtonian, compressible/incompressible), physical properties, introduction to viscosity, continuum hypothesis Fluid static's : Pressure distribution in a static fluid, hydrostatic forces on submerged plane surfaces (no. curved surfaces).Kinematics: Substantial derivative, streamline, path lines, streak line, timeline, flow visualization videos. Integral/macroscopic balances: Control volume, Reynolds transport theorem (introduction and interpretation only. No derivation), conservation of mass, energy and linear momentum. Agglication of macroscopic balances: Losses in expansion, I force on a reducing bend, iet ejector. Differential balances: Differential equation of mass conservation, differential equation of linear momentum, constitutive equations, Navier Stokes equations. Applications to coquette flow between a fixed and a moving plate, flow due to pressure gradient between two fixed plates, fully developed laminar pipe flow Hagen Poiseuille flow, pipe flow with a power law fluid Dimensional analysis and similarity X Buckingham Pi theorem, non dimensionalization of continuity and Navier Stokes equations, introduction of dimensionless numbers. 



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