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Production & properties of normal concrete: Introduction to port land cement concrete. Concrete production operations. Indian Standard and ACI Mix design of concrete. Fresh and hardened properties of concrete. Durability of concrete. Role of ingredients in concrete. Physical and chemical characteristics of pozzolans. Role of admixtures and additives in concrete. Experimental test parameters and measurements during concrete testing. Special cements : Need Classifications Blended cements, modified hydraulic cements, calcium aluminates cements, calcium sulfate based binders, calcium sulfoaluminate cements, GGBS based cements, shrinkage compensating (or) expansive cements. Other special cements: macro defect free cements, phosphate cements, expansive cements, fast setting cements, oil well cements. Performance and prescriptive specifications, Special concretes : Importance and need high performance concrete and property based classifications. Special concretes: Mass concrete, self compacting or self consolidating concrete, fiber reinforced concrete, high strength concretes, high volume fly ash concretes, geo polymer concrete, roller compacting concrete, pervious concrete, light weight concrete, aerated concrete, polymer or polymer modified concretes, ultrahigh performance concretes and others. Mixture proportioning and parameters in the development of special concretes. 



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