Experimental Methods in Structurl Engineering




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Similitude and Structural Models: Dimensional analysis, Buckingham's Pi theorem, Scale factors and dynamics similitude. Uses and Applications of Models: Types of model investigation, Indirect and direct models, Elastic and Inelastic Models (steel, concrete and masomy), size effects. Analysis of Experimental Data: Error and unce1tainty in experiment, Measurement systems, Accuracy in models and reliability of results. Test Planning, Design and Implementation: Testing sequence and experimental plan, Loading systems, devices, actuators and their control, etc. Instrumentation: Mechanical, electrical, electronic system and their calibration, various types of sensors for displacement, velocity, acceleration, pressure, loads, strains, etc, full field measurements, .Data Acquisition System and Data Processing: Analog systems, digital systems using personal computers, dynamic measurement, numerical and graphical data processing and archiving. Lab Exercises: Experiments to illustrate buckling of structural members; loaddefb1mation behavior of beams, columns, joints, and frames under various loads; mode shapes, natural frequency, damping factors from free and forced vibrations, shake table tests, etc. 



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