Computer Methods in Hydraulics and Hydrology




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Prerequisites:CE262A, CE611A, CE361A, CE10A

Course Contents

Basic: Introduction to computer programming and computation with Mat lab. Open channel flow : Estimation of normal and critical depth; uniform flow computations; computation of water surface profile (WSP) gradually varied flow estimation using standard step and direct step methods, WSP in presence of hydraulic structures; unsteady flow Saint Venant equation, kinematics wave routing, diffusion routing, overland flow; steady and unsteady modeling using HECRAS. Closed conduit flow: Steady and unsteady state modeling; pipe network analysis; introduction to EPANET/Water CAD. Surface water hydrology: Estimation of Unit hydrographs; lumped and distributed flow routing; hydrologic statistics parameter estimation, time series analysis, frequency analysis, Geostatistics; hydrologic modeling using HECHMS. Groundwater hydrology: Solving groundwater flow equation saturated and unsaturated flow, Richards' equation, Green Amps infiltration model; introduction to MODFLOW. Application of soft computing methods and GIS in Hydraulic and Hydrologic modeling. Laboratory: Programming exercises for the related topics. 



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