Design Of Steel Structures




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Steel structures, Limit states and design philosophy; partial safety factors and load combinations; Analysis and design methods; Design of tension members based on net section including shear lag effects, staggered holes and block shear; Design of compression members for flexural and flexural torsional buckling, Column formula, Local buckling and buckling class, End restraints and effective length factor; Role of plate buckling, Plastic hinge, Classification of section: plastic, compact, semi compact, slender, Design strength of laterally supported beams, Shear buckling strength Post critical method, Shear moment interaction, Design strength of laterally unsupported beams, Lateral torsional buckling, Effect of restraints and effective length; Effect of axial load on flexure behavior, Cross section yielding and member instability, PM interaction and moment amplification, Biaxial bending; Design of Bolts and Welds, Strength under combined stresses, Prying action, Common simple and eccentric joints and frame connections, Column bases. 



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