Engineering Hydrology




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Introduction: Hydrologic cycle, water budget, world water quantities. Precipitation and Abstractions: Forms of precipitation, data analysis, rain gauge networks; Infiltration process, infiltration indices and Horton's equation; Evaporation and Evapotranspiration Pan evaporation, empirical equations for estimating evaporation and evapotranspiration; Transpiration. Runoff and Hydrographs: Rainfall runoff relations, time area concept, flow duration curve, mass curve, flow hydrograph, Unit Hydrograph (UH), its analysis, Scurve hydrograph. Floods and Routing: Concepts of return period, flood frequency analysis, Gumbel's and Log Pearson Type III distributions, Rational method, risk, reliability, and safety factor; Hydrologic storage routing Groundwater Hydrology: Types of aquifers and properties, Darcy's law, steady flow in a confined and unconfined aquifer _(_without recharge), steady flow to a well. 



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