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Prerequisites:CE331A, CE321A

Course Contents

Introduction, examples of foundation problems case studies, Characterisation of ground, site investigations, methods of drilling, sampling, in situ test SPT,CPT, plate load and dynamic tests, groundwater level, etc. Bearing capacity, general, local and punching shear failures, corrections for size, shape, depth, water table, compressibility, etc., ultimate and allowable stresses, methods based on in situ tests, Settlements of foundations, stress in soils (Bossiness, Westergaard, Midline solutions), one and two dimensional cases, immediate, consolidation and creep settlements, methods based on in situ tests, Limit State Design, stability and serviceability states, load and strength factors, Types of foundations shallow/deep, isolated, combined, mat, etc., contact pressure distributions, soil foundation interactions, basics of structural design, Ground Improvement Techniques, methods for difficult or problematic ground conditions soft soils, loose sands, seismic conditions, expansive or collapsible soils, etc., preloading, vertical drains, stone columns, heavy tamping, grouting, etc. Earth Pressure theories, Coulomb and Rankin approaches, of soils, smooth and rough walls, inclined backfill, depth of tension crack, Retaining structures, gravity, cantilever, counter fort, reinforced earth, etc., design and checks for stability, Deep foundations, piles, pile groups, well foundations, under reamed piles, pre cast, driven cast in situ and bored piles, shaft and base resistances, down drag, pile load tests, Selected Topics machine foundations/introduction to environmental geo-technique/application of geo-synthetics, etc. 



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