Biochemical Engineering





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Course Contents

  1. Introduction to biochemical engineering, bioprocesses, bio-products and biochemical technology with specific examples Three lectures.

  2. Upstream process: Microbial, mammalian and plant systems for bioprocess technology. Sterilization. Stoichiometry and energetic of microbial metabolism. Transport phenomena Five lectures.

  3. Enzyme catalyzed reactions and processes. Cell and enzyme immobilization. Bioreactor design and applications. Instrumentation and control Six lectures.

  4. Downstream process: Bio-separations, characteristics of biological materials, pretreatment methods, separation of cell biomass, adsorption, filtration, centrifugation, precipitation and extraction Four lectures.

  5. Liquid chromatography principles, plate and rate theory, ion exchange, gel filtration, affinity chromatography, hydrophobic interaction and reverse phase chromatography Six lectures

  6. Integrated bioprocesses Bioprocess integration for efficient production and recovery, expanded bed separations, affinity precipitations, aqueous two phase processes, monolithic chromatographic separations Six lectures.

  7. Polishing, crystallization, drying, scale up consideration, process monitoring and process economics Three lectures

  8. Environmental bioprocesses Interaction of mixed microbial population, biological wastewater treatment, anaerobic digesters, bio-remediation Three lectures.

  9. Case studies and new developments of bioprocesses paper readings and presentations.




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