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Synthesis of biomaterials: Nano materials fabrication 1' Particles (electro spraying & single emulsion solvent evaporation) 2. Fiber (electro spinning) systems. Synthesis of biomaterials: Micro/Macro materials fabrication. Micro porous polymeric hydro gel systems. Characterization of biomaterials: Morphology and size characterization (fibers, particles and hydro gels) of fabricated samples using scanning electron microscopy (SEM).Characterization of biomaterials: Physical properties of fabricated samples (fibers and hydro gels) Mechanical properties using Bose Electro force Mech. Testing System. Characterization of biomaterials: Physical properties of fabricated samples (hydro gels) Swelling kinetics. Blood: Blood collection, Blood count, Blood component separation (traditional methods and modern biomaterials developed in BSBE like bio filters, cryo gels and hydro gels),Microscopic analysis of blood components, Understanding blood clotting using different biomaterials developed in the department. Urine analysis, Fabricating an in house dialysis setup for blood purification using available tools in the department. Blood pressure measurement: Concept of diastolic and systolic pressure and how to measure blood pressure and pulse rate.



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