Optimal Space Flight Control





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Course Contents

  1. Control Systems (Basic definitions, notation, tracking systems.)

  2. Guidance and navigation (Basic concepts, linear regulation and tracking, proportional navigation, cross product steering).

  3. Optimal control techniques (Multivariable optimization, constrained minimization, optimal control of dynamic systems, Hamiltonian and the minimum principle, Hamilton. Jacobi Bellman formulation, endpoint constraints, Euler Lagrange formulation, two point boundary value solution techniques, optimal terminal control with interior constraints, singular control, neighboring externals, linear optimal control, stochastic systems, Kalman filtering, LQG/LTR and Hinfinity robust optimal control.)

  4. Optimal guidance and control of rocket flight (Terminal guidance of interceptors, non planar tracking systems (3DPN),Goddards problem, 2PBVP solutions for gravity turn trajectories, attitude autopilots, pitch maneuver control of launch vehicles.)

  5. Optimal spacecraft navigation and control (Introduction to orbital mechanics, Hill Clohessey. Wiltshire model, autonomous rendezvous and docking, minimum energy transfer, Lamberts problem, optimal guidance of reentry vehicles, non planar orbital regulation, optimal three axis control by thrusters, reaction wheels and control moment gyros.)



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