Numerical Modeling Of Chemically Reacting Flows





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Introduction, Governing equations, Modeling of laminar premixed and non premixed flames, Modeling of turbulent premixed and non premixed flames, Advanced modeling aspect. Introduction. Motivation and aim Governing equations for reacting flows Modeling of Laminar Premixed flames. Introduction Conservation equations and numerical solutions Steady 1 D flames. Theoretical solution methods Calculation of flame speed, thickness and stretch Modeling of Laminar non premixed flames.  Non premixed flame configuration Theoretical tools Flame structure for irreversible infinite fast chemistry and solutions Theory of other flame structures. Modeling of turbulent premixed flames. Phenomenological description Premixed turbulent combustion regime RANS modeling LES modeling DNS modeling. Modeling of turbulent non premixed flames.  Phenomenological description Turbulent non premixed combustion regime RANS modeling LES modeling DNS modeling. Advanced modeling aspect.  Combustion in two phase flows Boundary conditions Flame/wall interactions Flame/acoustics interaction. 


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