Spacecraft Guidance Navigation And Control





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Attitude dynamics and stability of three axis stabilized, single spin, dualspin, and multi body spacecraft with a1ticulated antennas, sensors, and solar arrays. Design of control of three axis stabilized spacecraft in orbit using reaction wheels, thrusters, magnets, single and double gimbaled control moment gyros. Large angle three axis attitude maneuver controllers using reaction wheels and thrusters. Control of spinning spacecraft in transfer orbit during delta_ v firing and in operational orbits around the Earth, and design of active nutation control. Attitude stabilization of bias momentum spacecraft using magnets and thrusters. Dynamics and control of dual spin space craft. Precision pointing and tracking controllers for tracking landmarks, moving objects, and other satellites for crosslink communication. Solar array controllers for tracking the Sun; determining the array's orientation with sun sensors. Modeling of dynamics of flexible solar arrays, its interaction with spacecraft dynamics and control systems. Attitude determination with gyros, star trackers, sun sensors, and horizon sensors using algorithms such as TRIAD and QUEST (quaternion estimator); sensors error characteristics; and Kalman filtering. Guidance and navigation for spacecraft rendezvous. The above control techniques will be related with the control of Indian communication, remote sensing, and other special purpose satellites (Ca1tosat, Edusat, telemedicine). 


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