Experiments In Aerospace Engineering -II





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Prerequisites: AE251A

Course Contents

Course content: Dimensional analysis, Wind tunnels, Basic Experiments with different sensors, Material characterization, Flow Visualization. About 12 experiments will be conducted in the course. The breakup of the experiments will be as follows: Aerospace Structures:  Low Speed Aerodynamics:  Aerospace Propulsion:  High speed Aerodynamics: List of Experiments: Aerospace Structures. Bending of beams. Shear centre estimation. Estimation of Principal Axes4.

Torsion. UTM (static tests)Low Speed Aerodynamics:

  1. Laser light flow visualization

  2. Smoke flow visualization

  3. Hot wire anemometry (calibration + test)

  4. Force balance calibration

  5. Calibration of low speed tunnel

  6. Flow past airfoil/circular cylinder Cp distribution.


Aerospace Propulsion:

  1. Calibration and use of pressure sensors

  2. Calibration and use of thermocouples

High Speed Aerodynamics:

  1. Schlieren + shadowgraphy

  2. Estimation of Mach number from static pressure measurement in supersonic tunnel



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