Aerospace Propulsion





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Prerequisites: AE311A

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Introduction Principle of Propulsion Air breathing and Rocket Propulsion* Reading assignment and Home work on Basic Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Compressible Flows should be given. Aero Thermodynamics of Gas Turbine Engines Introduction Type of Air breathing jet engines Performance of Gas Turbine Engines (Thrust, efficiency, range). Cycle Analysis of Air breathing Jet Engines (Ideal and Actual Cycles) Ramjet Turbojet Turbofan Turboprop Turbo shaft. Air Intakes. Rocket Propulsion Introduction Single and multi Stage Rockets. Performance of Chemical Rockets Principle of Combustion Estimation of Adiabatic Flame Temperature Thrust Coefficient Characteristic Velocity Types of Nozzles and Efficiencies. Gas Turbine Combustors and Afterburners. 


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