Flight Mechanics I





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Standard atmosphere Definition of altitude, relation between geopotential and geometric altitudes, pressure, temperature, density altitudes. Airfoil nomenclature, Airfoil data, infinite vs finite wings, critical mach number, drag divergence mach number, wave drag, swept wings. Aerodynamic properties of wings and components Airplane drag estimation for subsonic and supersonic flight regime for fuselage, wings, tail and other components of aircraft Flaps mechanism of high lift, estimation of CL, CD, CL/CD, for different flaps at various configurations. Aircraft power plants Introduction to drag polar, equations of motion, thrust required for level and un accelerated flight, thrust available and maximum velocity, power required for level and un accelerated flight, power available and maximum velocity (reciprocating engine propeller combination, jet engine), altitude effects on power required and available. Rate of climb, gliding flight, absolute and service ceiling, time to climb, range and endurance propeller driven airplane, range and endurance jet airplane, take off and landing performance, turning flight and the Vn diagram, accelerated rate of climb (energy method), special consideration for supersonic airplane. Optimal performance of airplanes Introduction to performance estimation of fixed wing Unmanned aerial Vehicles. 


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