Compressible Aerodynamics





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Review of thermodynamics. Governing equations of compressible flow. Isentropic flow, Area Mach number relation. Speed of sound, Mach cone, Flow regimes in terms of Mach number. Stationary and moving normal shock, Rankine Hugoniot relations. Oblique shock, Prandtl Meyer expansion. Reflection, intersection of shocks and expansion waves. Converging diverging nozzle, supersonic wind tunnel. 1D unsteady flow: Riemann problem. Method of characteristics. Small perturbations applied to, subsonic & supersonic air foils, slender bodies. Similarity rules and area rule. Curved shock and Croccos Theorem. Shock Boundary layer interaction. Transonic small perturbation (TSP) equations. Transonic full potential equations. Rayleigh & Fanno flow. Experimental techniques. Introduction to hypersonics. 


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