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Fun & frustration: navigating career paths in science


Prof. Sandhya Kaushika, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai

8th March 2024

Prof. Sandhya Kaushika is neuroscientist at the Tata Institute of Fundamental research, Mumbai. She is a recipient of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (USA) Early Career Award. Her lab’s interest lies in the field of cellular neurobiology, investigating the processes of axonal cargo biogenesis and transport and their impact on neuronal function and behaviour of the organism

Besides cutting-edge research, Prof. Kaushika is keenly interested in interacting with students, post-docs and early career fellows. In this fun and informative workshop, Prof. Kaushika, led the audience through, how the outside, romantic view of doing science is often challenged when one embarking on an intense PhD program.

Prof. Kaushika, emphasized how despite high rate of failures and endless marathon of work the thrill of discovery, makes the journey worth its while. She further elaborated on how the valuable skills acquired can be used in many science career paths. The journey may be arduous, but can be highly rewarding.



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