M.Sc. Statistics (2 Year)

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
MTH434A[06] MTH309A[11] MTH412A[11] MTH535A[09]
MTH409A[09] MTH416A[11] MTH515A[11] MTH514A[11]
MTH433A[11] MTH418A[11] MTH517A[11] MTH516A[11]
MTH432A[06] MTH513A[11] MTH511A[11] DE[09]/OE[11]
MTH415A[11] DE[09]/OE[11] DE[09]/OE[11] DE[09]/OE[11]/


List of courses


MTH309A Probability theory
MTH409A Computer programming and data structures
MTH412A Stochastic processes
MTH415A Matrix theory and linear estimation
MTH416A Regression analysis
MTH418A Inference I
MTH431A Basic probability and distribution theory
MTH432A Sampling theory
MTH433A Real analysis
MTH434A Introduction to complex analysis¶
MTH511A Statistical simulation and data analysis
MTH513A Analysis of variance
MTH514A Multivariate analysis
MTH515A Inference II
MTH516A Non-parametric inference
MTH517A Times series analysis
MTH535A Bayesian analysis
MTH598A Project I


¶ These courses are only for MSc (2 year) Statistics students

Objective Of The Program

  • To cultivate a mathematical attitude and nurture the interests,

  • To motivate for research in mathematical and statistical sciences,

  • To train computational scientists who can work on real life challenging problems