Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Admission to Ph.D. Programme in Department of Chemistry-2024-2025-Semester-I

The Department has a post-graduate programme leading to Ph.D. degree. The Ph.D. programme includes an integrated sequence of course work and research in various branches of Chemistry.

The doctoral program of the chemistry department has over 250 students working with various research groups. The students are considered for this program once they clear either of the two nation-wide qualifying examinations post M.Sc. They are admitted in after a rigorous interview by a selection committee which is normally held twice a year (May and December). Typically, the students complete the doctoral program in about 5 years and are absorbed in industry, academia or post-doctoral research elsewhere.

Many of our former Ph. D. students are now senior chemists in the country and elsewhere, training outstanding researchers in turn and providing leadership in industry and academia.

For more information about the Doctoral program of IIT Kanpur, visit the Academic Affairs page ( The template of the Doctorate programme of the department can be viewed in the Institute Masters and PhD template document (