Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Frontiers in Molecular Spectroscopy: From Fundamentals to Applications on Material Science and Biology

Dates: November 13-16, 2016

Venue: Outreach Auditorium, IIT Kanpur

In both India and Japan, there are several scientists who are working on different experimental and theoretical aspects of molecular spectroscopy. Most recently, several new forms of microscopy are being explored in Japan and India. Both theory and simulations are being applied in a large scale to improve our understanding of structure, dynamics and spectroscopy of complex chemical and biological systems. The systems being investigated are quite diverse, from gases, liquids, biological materials to surfaces and interfaces. The main aim of this meeting is to bring the active researchers in these areas in close contact so as to encourage fruitful collaborations.

The current meeting is a part of the series of Indo-Japan meetings organized in frontiers of spectroscopy. The previous meeting was jointly organized by Professors K. Tominaga and Anunay Samanta at Nara (organized by Kobe University), Japan in 2014. The last meeting that took place in India was in November 2012 at University of Hyderabad. Before that, several such meetings were organized in Japan (Kobe 2010, 2006 and Tokyo 2003) and in India (IISc, Bangalore and IACS, Kolkata).

The event is sponsored by Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, and Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS). Any other agency interested in providing limited support may please send an e-mail to the contact given below


Prof. Amalendu Chandra
Department of Chemistry
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, 208016

Prof. Keisuke Tominaga
Molecular Photoscience Research Center
Kobe University, Nada, Kobe 657-8501