Catalysis Faculty


Raja Angamuthu (raja[AT] Assistant Professor.
Tel: +91-512-259 6786
Research Interests: Inorganic Syntheses and Biomimetics

J.K. Bera (jbera[AT] Professor.
Tel: +91-512-259 7336
Research Interests: Coordination Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry,Theoretical Chemistry

Dattatraya H. Dethe (ddethe[AT] Assistant Professor
Tel: +91-512-259 6537
Research Interests: Total Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Products,Development of New Synthetic Methodologies,Drug Design

Manas K. Ghorai (mkghorai[AT] Professor.
Tel: +91-512-259 7518/7539
Research Interests: Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Sabuj K. Kundu (sabuj[AT] Assistant Professor .
Tel: +91-512-259 7425
Research Interests:

Moorthy J. N. (moorthy[AT] Professor.
Tel: +91-512-259 7438
Research Interests: Photochemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry

M. L. N. Rao (maddali[AT] Professor .
Tel: +91-512-259 7532/7163
Research Interests: Organometallic Chemistry,Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Anand Singh (anands[AT] Assistant Professor .
Tel: +91-512-259 6788
Research Interests:

Vinod K. Singh (vinodks[AT] Umang Gupta Chair Professor.
Tel: +91-512-259 7291
Research Interests: Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Basker Sundararaju (basker[AT] Assistant Professor.
Tel:+ +91-512-259 6758
Research Interests: Organometallics and Catalysis