Admission to M.Tech. Program

For detailed information on MTech admission in IIT Kanpur, including information on how to apply online, please visit the admission site of Dean of Academic Affairs. This page provides brief information relevant to applicants to CSE department.

Admissions to the MTech program in the Department of CSE are normally made in the semester starting from July each year. The admission process typically starts some time in April. No admissions are made to the MTech program in the semester starting from January.


Eligibility for Admission

The minimum eligibility conditions for admission to the MTech program are given below.

The candidate should have secured a minimum of 55 percent marks or a CPI (Cumulatie Performance Index) of 5.5 (on a 10.0 scale) in the qualifying examination.

The applicant must have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Master's in Science. The applicant must have a sufficient background in Computer Science to complete the degree requirements with reasonable performance. Those who are appearing for the final examination, and whose results are going to be available before the last date of submission of records (usually around 1st September) are also eligible to apply.

The candidate must have a valid GATE score. We strongly prefer that the GATE score be in Computer Science. GATE score in Information Technology is also acceptable. In rare cases, we may call those candidates for test/interview, who have appeared in GATE in EE, EC, or Maths, and have an exceptionally high score. Those with GATE in these other subjects must have gained some Computer Science background, and it should be clear from their application. (For example, they might have experience in software development. Or they might have done several computer science courses as electives while they were doing their BTech/BE courses.) However, please note that in the last few years, we have not called any such candidate for test/interview.

The above requirements do not necessarily apply for admission of the candidates under QIP (Quality Improvement Program), Defence Personnel and other sponsored categories.

Admission for IIT Graduates

GATE may not be necessary for those candidates who have done their BTech from one of the seven IITs. BTech graduates from IITs with overall CGPA/CPI being more than 6.5 and CGPA/CPI of last two semesters being more than 8.0 can apply without GATE score. Such students however will get fellowship upon admission only when their overall CGPA/CPI is more than 8.0.

Admission Procedure

In the department of computer science and engineering, admission process for the MTech Program is a two step one. The candidates are invited to the written test and interview on the basis of their performance in GATE. A few candidates with exceptionally high GATE score in CS/IT are offered direct admission (that is, without going through test/interview). The admission process for those candidates invited to the written test and interview is purely based on their performance in test and interview. GATE score is not considered for admission beyond issuing a call for test/interview.

Some candidates with lower GATE score but with other achievements such as publications, industrial experience of at least two years may also be invited for the interview and written test. The written test consists of questions from basic computer science courses as well as some questions to test the analytical abilities and aptitude of the candidate.

It is emphasized that the Gate cutoffs for each year are determined based on the number of applications that we receive and vary from year to year.

The short listing of the candidates to be called for test/interview, etc., and sending letters of call for the same will be done by the Department Post- Graduate Committee (DPGC). A Selection Committee will be constituted for admission to each Program of the Department. This Selection Committee will conduct the written test/interview, etc. and recommend candidates for admission.

Applicant for Part-time program

An applicant for part-time program should send one copy of the application directly to the Convener, DPGC, while a second copy must be forwarded by the employer, preferably before the due date, but in no case later than the date of test/interview. No candidate will be considered for admission if the employer's permission is not received by such date.

Admission of INRA (Indian Nationals Residing Abroad)

Such candidates must have been residing abroad continuously for at least one year at the time of applying admission. Their applications may be processed as and when they are received or according to any schedule convenient to the Department. The applications are scrutinized to make sure that, both in terms of qualification and attainment, they are compatible with the students admitted in the general category.

Admission of Foreign Nationals

Click on the link above to view the webpage displaying information regarding admission of foreign nationals.

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