Incubated Projects


Incubated Projects

  • SIMRAN (Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation): A Dual GSM, satellite communication module, GPS & RF based real time train tracking in=formation system for Indian Railways.

  • WCD (Wireless Coach Display) System: A GPS & RF based real time train position display system inside coaches of a train. It is a SIMRAN based multi lingual solution.

  • ULCGWS (Unmanned LC Gate Warning System): A GSM, GPS & RF based real time train LC Gate audio/visual warning system. This system is fitted near unmanned LC gate. If any train is in running position and approaching from any side and within 2000 meter from the unmanned LC, Signal becomes RED and hooter starts. It also notifies nearby railway station by sending SMS to station master unit. When train/s clear/s the LC it again notify station unit for clearance and resent audio visual warning system. It is a SIMRAN based multi lingual solution.

  • GWS (Gang-man Warning System): A GPS & RF based real time safety solution for those gang men who are doing some work at railway track.. This system is carried by a gang men unit. They install this system near their working place. If any train is in running position and approaching from any side and within 2000 meter from the safety unit, a yellow light starts flashing and hooter starts. When none of the trains is approaching this unit audio visual warning alarm is reset. It is a SIMRAN based multi lingual solution.

  • Train Simulation System: It is a web based solution for Indian Railways to simulate a passenger/goods train over a given railway section. Using this simulation they are able to test long haul trains (goods trains with multiple front/rear/mid locomotives) at various kinds of track profiles having typical curves & grades. This software is being used for Passenger (Slow to Superfast), Local & all kinds of goods trains.

  • Satellite based communication solution for railway control running in insurgent area and tough hilly area: This solution has been designed to provide effective wireless solutions for Railways so train controller of a given insurgent section can flawlessly communicate with all the station masters in his section. In these insurgent & tough hilly terrine either cable will be stolen by insurgent people or it is very hard (almost impossible) to lay the communication cables in the sections. It is a TCP/IP multicast based system. It has been deployed in Lumding Section of Assam. It is running there successfully.

  • GPS Clock system for Institute: Various kinds of GPS clock models have been designed and deployed in IIT Kanpur. Around 8 different models have been developed as per varied requirements. Now 5 final models are active.

  • Image Processing based surveillance Solution for IIT Kanpur: A security system had designed and is working successfully at IIT Gate. 8 Cameras have been deployed at various places inside campus. 4 more cameras also have been deployed for developing image processing solutions for surveillance. Number Plate recognition, Vehicle Recognition and face recognitions are some required solutions which are under development.

  • Some web based development projects for NBRI Lucknow.