New Faculty



Sandeep K. Shukla (sandeeps)


Tel: 0512-259-6342
Research Interests: Cyber Security, Embedded Systems, Critical Infrastructures, Formal Methods, Embedded Software and Hardware Design, System Level Languages, Smart Grid, Smart Infrastructures




Sunil Eesaw Simon

Prof. Sunil Simon joined the department in July 2013, from CWI Amsterdam (Netherlands). His interests include logical and algorithmic foundations of game theory, temporal logic and verification, and the theory od distributed systems.







Vinay Namboodiri

Prof. Vinay Namboodiri, joined the department in December 2013, from AT&T Labs Leeuwen (Belgium). His interests lie in the field of Computer Vision.





Rajat Mittal

Prof. Rajat Mittal joined the department in December 2013, from the University of Waterloo (Canada). His interests lie in Combinatorics, Quantum Computing, Discrete Structures and Complexity.