Interdisciplinary Research


Apps for special kids

What is an IEP?

A special educator's main responsibility is to create a detailed and individualised education plan (IEP) for children with disabilities. These plans are meant to improve a student's educational experience and to facilitate success in achieving their everyday goals. The special educator makes a detailed note of the child's potential and every small task that he/she can perform. Then a list of tasks and activities are listed out by the special educator as teaching strategies or lesson plans for that particular child. More Information Visit WebSite

About Malis and Mobiles

Mobile for Malis (MfM) is an initiative of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur for educating farmers of India over dumb phone technology. Telephony, recording better subscriber growth rate than internet in both urban and rural region in India, positions itself as an ideal learning medium to reach the farmers of India. In this perspective, MfM is an experimental technology based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Open Source Soft Switch PBX system to disseminate audio lessons on farming to the farmers.
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Usually provide solutions which use hardware devices like GPS, GSM, USB, RF Tx/RX Modules, RF Amplifiers, RF Antenna, Tailor-made SMPS, and Solar Panels with developed charging units. Most of the solutions are based on SBC having Linux and some/all aforesaid hardware devices. Most of the solutions are interdisciplinary (Software plus Hardware combination is used to provide solutions).