Overview of the activities of the Foundation

The foundation supports various research activities including outreach activities that intend to increase the visibility of the department and increase interaction between members of the department and renowned researchers from around the world. Below is given a brief overview of the same. Detailed reports of different activities supported by the foundation are accessible from the top menu. Details of research activities of faculty members and PhD students of the department supported by the foundation are available in the annual reports.


Outreach Activities

  • Visitors Program : The foundation supports visits from distinsguished researchers in computer science and engineering from all over the world to IITK for extended periods lasting upto six months.

  • Workshop Organization : The foundation supports workshops in all the areas of computer science and engineering. This includes organizational costs, travel costs and local expenses.

  • Seminar Series' : The foundation curently supports two seminar series, an annual Inflections in Computing Lecture Series and the Research-I Seminar Series which aims to invite leading researchers from around the globe to come and give talks on their current research.


Support for Faculty Activities

  • Faculty Visits : The foundation supports visits of the faculty members of the department to strong research groups anywhere in the world. The duration of a visit is expected to be between two weeks and six months. This support includes travel costs (if the visit is for a month or more then the spouse is also supported) and a grant of USD 5,000 per month or a part thereof.

  • Research Grants : The foundation provides research grants to faculty members against research proposals. The grant is for a period of 2-3 years and includes support for travel, visitors and an additional salary of Rs 1 Lakh per year. The decision on research grants is taken by the technical board.

  • Research I Fellows : Young faculty members of age less than 35 years are eligible for this fellowship. It provides an additional salary of Rs 10,000 per month along with a research grant of Rs 3 lakhs per year for a period of 3 years. The decision on research grants is taken by the technical board.


Support for PhD Students

  • Enhanced Stipend : Mertitorious PhD students demonstrating excellent progress in academics and research are given an enchanced stipend from the foundation. The amount given to each student is decided by a panel comprised of faculty members of the department after a rigorous review of the progress made of the student. Such a review is normally undertaken every semester.

  • Research Visits : The foundation funds visits by deserving PhD students to leading research groups around the world. The foundation also funds travel to conferences to present papers and attend schools etc. The decision to fund such visits is taken by a committee comprised of faculty members on the basis of an application made by the student.