Teaching Labs





  • The CSE lab is equipped with a 1 gbps switched network with a tree topology. All systems (servers & clients) are equipped with 1 gbps NICs. A CISCO Catalyst 3750G Series Layer-3 switch acts as a backbone switch. The lab is connected to the campus network through a router. The connectivity between CSE and the institute Computer Center is through fiber optic cable. A total of 25 switches (24 ports each) each having 1 gbps speed cover the entire CSE building.

  • Most of the servers and work stations are Linux based. Windows is also available as an option on lab workstations. Most of the servers are virtual hosts.

  • The department offers key based authentication for user authentication and secure access to all its online services.

  • Twelve wireless access points (54 Mbps) are placed in the building to serve wireless access needs.

  • The CSE lab provides NFS, SMTP mail, DNS, DHCP, LDAP, Mysql database server, Intranet website, Internet website and NTP services. One Linux based server provides DNS, LDAP, DHCP & NTP services.

  • The CSE lab offers its own mail service. A quota system is in place for mail boxes. Mail box backup service is also available for last 12 hours.

  • Linux servers provide secured/insecure NFS service to all CSE lab users. Backup facility is available for secured area.

  • Linux based servers are available for general purpose usage.

  • Access to home directories for all users is available through any machine using NFS and samba. B.Tech/M.Tech students avail 3 GB and Ph.D students avail 30 GB disk quota.

  • Intranet website and MySQL server services are offered on a Linux server.

  • Internet website & personal home pages are hosted on a Linux (Fedora) based Xeon server.

  • Scanning & CD/DVD Writing facility is available in the CSE lab.

  • Most CSE lab workstations are multi boot systems. These systems use DHCP for static IP allocation. Currently the workstations are running the Fedora, CentOS, Debian and Windows operating systems.

  • Most PCs in personal offices are equipped with laser printer, DVD player etc.

  • Networked laser printers are available through a central laser printing facility accessible through a ppr (with printing quota) system.

  • The lab is fully air conditioned with UPS protection against power outages. A 60 minute backup is available for lab client systems and a 2 hour backup is for all server systems and room PCs.

  • Daily automatic backup is available for the user home directory. Additionally, backups are also made available for the last 30 days.

  • Monthly backup is available for the last three months