CSE Minor Programme

The department offers four minor programs - Algorithms, Computer Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, and Artificial Intelligence. The course requirements for these programs is as follows:



All minor programs require CS210 as the first course. This course may be waived if the student has done an equivalent course. CSE DUGC convener can give more information about it. Subsequently

  1. Algorithms: CS345 and any one from {CS645, CS646, CS647, CS648, CS663, CS664, CS681, CS719, CS743, other algorithm related courses}.

  2. Computer Systems: Any two courses from {CS220, CS330, CS315, CS335, CS422, CS425, CS433, CS455}

  3. Theory of Computer Science: CS340 and any one from {CS640, CS641, CS642, CS643, CS644, CS649, CS680, CS681, CS687, CS740, CS741, CS742, other theory courses}

  4. Artificial Intelligence: CS365 and any one from {CS671, CS672, CS674, CS675, CS676, CS685, CS686, CS782, other AI related courses}


BTech students of departments other than CSE who have completed two years in their program can apply for Minor Programs in CSE. Each year at most ten students will be registered for CSE minor programs.

How to Apply

Interested students must give an application in a piece of paper with following information on it:

Title: Application for a CSE Minor program.


Roll No.:


Email Id:


ESc101 Grade:

Grades of any other CS course:

Submit your application in the CSE office latest by 4pm on the day before the day of registration(in this year 2013 it is 25th July).

The deadline for the acceptance has been extended to 4pm 29th July.

Selection Criterion

At most ten (10) students will be selected from those who apply with complete and correct information. The selection will be based primarily on CPI but it will also depend on the ESC101 grade.