Fundamentals of systems, subsystems and integration of mechanical and electrical systems using computer based control. Basic signal processing, different types of sensors, actuators, controllers, DSP, , ADC/DAC etc. Modeling of electromechanical systems, block diagrams, etc. control system design. PLCs and introduction to industrial automation. Practical application of mechatronics , design issues, industrial techniques etc. Examples of sensor, actuator and controller integration for common micro controllers like atmeag 16, PIC, Arduino, etc.

Basic class Schedule

I. Introduction to mechatronics (2 hrs)

II. Sensors and actuators (6 hrs)

III. Analogue and digital signals, Basic signal conditioning (5 hrs)

IV. ADC, DAC (3 hrs)

V. Block diagrams, System and subsystem models (6 hrs)

VI. Control systems design (PID, PD etc) (6 hrs)

VII. Microcontrollers and DSP (6 hrs)

VIII. PLC and industrial automation (4 hrs)

IX. Practical applications of mechatronics (5 hrs)


Mechatronics . W. Bolton, Pearson Publishers., 4th edition.