Concise Syllabus

Overview of Vibration Control, Factors affecting level of vibration, Vibration reduction at the source, Vibration control by structural design, Selection of materials, Vibration control by additive damping, Dynamic Properties and Use of Viscoelastic Materials, Constrained Layer Damping, Dynamic vibration absorbers, vibration and shock isolators, Active vibration control, Use of Smart Materials for Vibration Control, Energy Harvesting Materials.

Lecture Wise Break Up

I. Overview of Vibration Control:

  • Introduction, Quantitative Description of Vibration, Methods of Vibration Control, Basic System Parameters [4]

II. Vibration Reduction at the Source:

  • Introduction, Balancing, Balancing of Rigid Rotors, Balancing Machines, Field Balancing, Balancing of
    Flexible Rotors, Vortex Induced Vibration, Detuning and Decoupling [6]

III. Vibration Control by Structural Design:

  • Damping Models and Measures, Origin of Structural Damping, Damping-Stress Relationship, Selection Criteria for Linear Hysteretic Materials, Combined Fatigue-Strength Damping Criteria, Design for Enhanced Material Damping [8]

IV. Viscoelastic Materials for Vibration Damping:

  • Standard Linear Solid – constitutive models, Stress-strain relationship, Complex Modulus, Frequency temperature  dependence of complex modulus, Representation of Complex Stiffness, Free Layer Damping, Constrained Layer Damping, Viscoelastic Joints, Bonded Rubber Springs [8]

V. Dynamic Vibration Absorbers:

  • Introduction, Dynamic Vibration Neutralizers, Self-tuned Pendulum Neutralizer, Optimum Design of Damped Absorbers, Auxiliary Mass with Damper, Gyroscopic Absorber, Impact Absorber, Absorbers attached to Continuous Systems, Special types of Absorbers, Applications of DVA [6]

VI. Vibration Isolators:

  • Introduction, Isolators with Complex Stiffness, Isolators with Coulomb Damping, Three Element Isolators, Two-stage Isolators, Suspension systems, Applications of Isolators [6]

VII. Active Vibration Control:

  • Introduction to Closed Loop Control, Classical Control System, Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators, Vibration Control of Flexible Beam, Energy Harvesting System [4]


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