Configuration spaces of mobile vehicles and manipulators, Geometric modelling and sensor based map building. Path planning and obstacle avoidance. Object manipulation and grasping. Design of user interfaces and simulation. Algorithms for assembly and biological aspects of motion and intelligence.

Course plan

I. Review of robotics basics, transformations, kinematics etc. (4 hrs)

II. Concept of configuration space of mobile and arm manipulators (5 hrs)

III. Sensors and actuators as used in mobile robotics (4 hrs)

IV. Geometrical modeling and map building (6 hrs)

V. Path planning and obstacle avoidance (6 hrs)

VI. Object manipulation and grasping (4 hrs)

VII. Design of user interface and simulation (4 hrs)

VIII. Algorithms for applications, assembly, etc (4 hrs)

IX. Intelligence in motion planning and optimization (5 hrs)