PG Curriculum

The compulsory courses for the PG programs are as follows:

Solid Mechanics and Design

Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences

Manufacturing Science

ME 621A – Introduction to Solid Mechanics

ME 631A – Viscous Flow Theory

ME 681A – Mathematics for Engineers

ME622A – Introduction to Continuum Mechanics

ME 641A – Conduction and Radiation

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ME681A - Mathematics for Engineers

ME681A - Mathematics for Engineers



A compulsory course may be waived, in case a PhD student already took any of these compulsory courses during his/her M. Tech. program.

The syllabus for the compulsory and elective courses for M. Tech. and Ph.D. students are available here.


Assessment can vary from course to course and can include a combination of class work, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, quizzes, project work and exams.


Frequently Asked Questions

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