Dean, Resources and Alumni

Prof. Kantesh Balani

Dean, Resources & Alumni
2022- Present

Office - FB-270, IIT Kanpur


Mr. Udai Singh

Assistant Registrar

  • Overall supervision & facilitation of DoRA office activities

Mr. Radha Saran Satsangi


  • Supervision of DoRA Office activities.
  • Supervision of foreign funding, esp. from the USA.
  • Issuance of CSR Utilization Certificates.
  • Issuance of IT receipts to donors.

Mr. Manish Kumar Srivastava

Junior Superitendent

  • Assist in DoRA Office activities.
  • Coordinate with different departments regarding Chairs/Scholarship/ Faculty fellowship

Mr. Mohd Kaif Ansari

Junior Assistant

  • Assist in DoRA Office activities.

Mr. Vikas Gupta

Junior Assistant

  • Assist in DoRA Office activities.
  • Coordinate with different departments regarding Chairs/Scholarship/ Faculty fellowship/awards

Ms. Vineeta Mishra

Assistant Project Manager

  • To communicate with donors,alumni,students and others.
  • To liason with different departments in IITK.
  • Email communications for different activites of DoRA such as Chairs/Scholarship/ Faculty fellowship/awards/donations.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ms. Sweta Kumar

Project Executive Officer

  • Coordinate CSR projects with faculty.
  • Coordinate projects handled by IITK DF.
  • Supervise alumni engagement activities in Alma World.
  • Coordinate/Schedule meetings for dean and provide secretarial assistance.
  • Provide administrative support and administers various projects to ensure efficient operation of office.
  • Coordinate with internal resources and third parties/ vendors for official activities.


CA Kavya Gupta

  • Preparation, compilation and finalization of Books of Accounts of DoRA office & IITKDF
  • Preparation of Utilization Certificates.
  • Assisting in budgetary allocation.
  • Manage paper work for CSR.
  • Supervision of accounts in DoRA Office.
  • Providing inputs in compliance of various laws like Income Tax.
  • Overall drafting of key policies and handle accounting & finance for IITKDF.
  • Facilitate in meeting various statutory compliances at IITKDF.
  • Connect between DoRA Office & IITKDF for accounts & Finance.

Ms. Abida

  • Maintenance of accounts, ledgers etc.
  • Management of financial accounting.
  • Bank reconciliation of all bank accounts.
  • Donation reconciliation.
  • Maintenance of cash books.
  • Entries in tally for receipt & payment.
  • Prepare payment vouchers and issue cheques for all payments.


Ms. Gauri Sharma

  • Content writing for social media channels.
  • Designing & content writing for newsletters, annual reports, brochure, fundraising campaigns, DoRA website.
  • Generate video content for social media channels.

Ms. Gunjan Gupta

  • Content writing for social media channels and website.

IT Wing

Ms. Alpna Singh

  • Webmaster of DoRA, Giving back(Donation) Website
  • Webmaster of IITK Foundation Website.
  • Donation Campaign(Web and Alumni Reach)
  • Web design of Newsletter of DoRA, Spark and Blog
  • Alumni Email Reach/Campaign
  • Administration of Virtual Meeting
  • Coordinate various activities related to AlmaWorld
  • Alumni Database Management
  • Alumni Reunion Support(Database,Web)

Mr. Shashikant

  • Support for Alumni Queries related to VH Booking, Transcripts, Bonafide Certificate, MOI Certificate, CPI to % , Degree Verification, Migration Certificate
  • Office Documents digitalization portal
  • File maintaining of DoRA office.
  • Installation of S/W in office PC as per the requirement.
  • Image designing and video editing.
  • Other miscellaneous tasks are assigned from time to time.


Mr. Utsav Mishra

  • Assist in recruitment process for project appointments, held in DoRA office.
  • Processing of DoRA Bills for payment made through DoRD
  • Assist in maintaining the inventory, departmental stock registers and stock verification.
  • Student No-dues clearance from DoRA office and collecting the data of each graduating student.
  • Coordination with DoRA IT team regarding student data with our database and network building on LinkedIn.

Office Staff

Mr. Rahul Kumar


  • Provides office support

Mr. Prakash


  • Provides office support