Partial and full student scholarship support and merit awards are provided to students who are not eligible for government scholarships. Scholarships are mainly provided to UG students as the PG programmes are fully covered by the government. Around 10% of the UG students are also covered under the social welfare programs of the government.


The student scholarships at IIT Kanpur are aimed at enabling needy and meritorious students to excel in their academic endeavors and turn their aspirations into a reality. The awards recognize merit and provide better opportunities to students both in terms of higher education and career opportunities.

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Nupur Jain
Bhagwan Das Sanghi Memorial Scholarship

I would like to thank the donors for creating this scholarship. It feels good to be recognised for the hard work I put into my studies, and has motivated me to work even harder in my remaining semesters.

Rahil  Jain
Class of 1984 Scholarship

This scholarship is a validation of my hard work as well as a generous monetary help for me. I thank the donor for considering me as the potential recipient of this scholarship and I will try my level best to do justice with the award given to me.

Saloni  Das
Balajit & Nirmal Dhindsa Scholarship

I am really happy and honored to be selected as a recipient of this scholarship. I am very grateful to your generosity which has motivated me to work even harder to achieve my goals. This has also inspired me to help others and I hope that one day I will also be able to help other students in the same way. Thank you very much.

Tejesh  Vaish
PD Murti Scholarship

I am really very grateful to the Donor, this scholarship will help me in becoming self-dependent and reduce the financial burden on my parents.