Supported by our batches, individual donors and well-wishers, IIT Kanpur runs a few community welfare schools, and vocational training center. They offer nearly free education to many underprivileged children from the surrounding areas of IIT Kanpur. They are largely run by volunteers who provide primary education to vocational training to the enrolled students. Donations are used to provide scholarships, buy study materials, maintain and upgrade infrastructure, etc. We are grateful to our donors for providing their support and in becoming a part in the brighter future of these children.

Prayas is an endeavor of IIT Kanpur students, focused on providing education to the marginalized children from in and around IIT Kanpur. It is currently under the Presidential Council in the Students’ Gymkhana, IITK. It’s a volunteer service to promote ‘Education for All’, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting learning opportunities for all.

In its 21st year, Prayas caters to the different needs of students from the marginalized section of society, enrolled in formal schooling systems. Around 75 students enrolled in April 2021 in Classes IV to XII. Prayas has an active volunteer base of around 50 members from the IITK student community.

During the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the primary focus of Prayas had been to provide a smooth transition to online education, in which it was quite successful. Prayas took different measures (in the form of advisory and monetary help) to make sure that no student from class IX-XII discontinued their studies due to the constraints imposed by the lockdown. Teaching could not happen without knowing the kind of lives students are living and hence it ensured that the families of our students had enough food ration during the lockdown. Moreover, the enthusiasm and dedication of the volunteers in these challenging times has been a feat in itself.

April 2021

As the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, Prayas got in touch with each of its students to understand the financial and technical difficulties in conducting virtual classes. A database was prepared to know the total number of students who could participate in online classes due to the availability of smartphones at homes and the convenient time to conduct classes. Based on the data received, students were divided into two groups - ones who could avail online classes, and ones, who could not. Each group was assigned volunteers. Database was also collected for the students who did not have course books. Some students were facilitated with smartphones. Throughout the FY 2021-2022, classes have been conducted online.

June 2021

Session with Dr. Amrendra Narayan

Prayas conducted a session with Dr. Amrendra Narayan where he shared his experiences with the students. An inspirational talk, he spoke about his struggles and motivating factors.

July 2021

Spoken Proficiency in English (SPIE)

Prayas started SPIE for its students to improve their English communication skills. It assigned one volunteer for every two students. The progress and the learning outcomes were regularly monitored.

October 2021

Prayas Scholarship for higher education

Every year, Prayas provides a small financial assistance to a selected number of its students who wish to go for higher studies. The selection is based on the economic and academic criteria. This corpus fund lies with DoRA office, IITK. In FY 2021-2022, 12 students were given each Rs. 4000.

Peek-a-Book Sessions

To keep the flame of the creativity burning, story telling sessions were organized bi-weekly. Students could either present their original creations or a book that they might have read recently. They were expected to critically analyze their stories and present their views.

Prayas Magazine: Ek Pehel

Ek Pehel encourages the literary and art skills of students. This year, the second edition of the magazine was launched. It consisted of art work, poems, and sketches drawn by the students.