• Pervaporation: Dense membrane casting, characterization, various systems separations, organic-organic, effluent treatment, process modelling, etc.
  • Membrane Contactors: dissolved gas removals, modelling, simulation.
  • Enzymatic Membrane Reactor: effluent treatment, food product development etc.
  • Electro-dialysis: aqueous stream separations & process analysis, modelling.
  • Fuel Cell: synthesis & characterization of proton exchange membrane (PEM), water permeation modelling across PEM.
  • Pressure Driven Membrane Separations (RO/NF/UF/MF): Limiting Flux Phenomena, Fouling, Mass Transfer; Design, Optimization & Process Modelling.
  • Effluent treatment & process development: for industrial effluents such as paper & pulp, brewery, tannery, etc. development of sugar juice processing, biological treatment of effluent, etc.
  • Pulping & Bleaching: its kinetics, process modelling, waste liquor treatment, etc.
  • Awards

    • Hiyoshi Think of Ecology Award - 2009" of Hiyoshi Corporation, Japan for Outstanding contribution to applied study for Environmental Conservation and Protection. The Annual Prestigious Award is given to one person and comprises of a memento, cash prize and a citation.
    • Herdillia Award (1998) of “Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers” for “Excellence in basic research in chemical engineering”. The award carries a memento, citation and cash.
    • Chemical Engineering R & D Award (1996) by Institution of Engineers (India), UP State Centre for “Significant contributions in Membrane Separations”. The award carries a memento, citation and cash.


    • Member – Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Chemical Technology, National Institute of Science Communication and Information Resources (NISCAIR), January 2015- December 2017
    • Member – Editorial Board, (from 1998 - ) for Journal of “Nature, Environment and Pollution Technology”, Techno-science Publications, India.
    • Member – National Board of Accreditation (NBA), set-up by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).
    • Member – Advisory Committee, Council of Science & Technology, U.P., Lucknow (2000-2003).
    • Member – Technical Advisory Panel, of “Centre for Science and Environment – New Delhi” for “Green Rating of Pulp and Paper Industries”, (Refer to à Down to Earth, July 31, 1999 issue).
    • Member – Advisory Board, National Sugar Institute, Kanpur (September 2006 -).
    • Member – Board of Studies for ChE, (from 2003) for UP Technical University, India.

    Membership in Professional Bodies

    • Life Member - Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers


    • "Process for the Recovery of Inorganic Chemicals from Kraft Black Liquor", P. K. Bhattacharya, S. De & Director, IIT KANPUR. Patent No. (India) 189310; approved on Feb 08, 2003.

    Selected Publications

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