Techniques in Non-destructive Evaluation






Concise Syllabus

To introduce the methods to detect inhomogeneities (cracks, delaminations, corrosion) in macrostructures using non-invasive methods such as thermography, ultrasonics, and computer vision. Experiments will be demonstrated for all three techniques.

Lecture-wise Break Up

I. Introduction

  • Need for and overview of NDE; Applications of NDE for different types of defects in metals, composites, and ceramics; Measurements of displacement, stress, and strain; Sensor characteristics, signal conditioning, data reduction, and choice of sensors; General solutions of hyperbolic and parabolic PDEs [6]

II. Thermal NDE

  • Thermography: From black body radiation to principles of thermal imaging; Fourier heat diffusion and boundary conditions; Contact and non-contact thermal techniques; Pulsed, pulsed-phase and vibrothermography—theory, experiments, and algorithms for processing data; Fabrication of sensors [10]

III. Ultrasonics

  • Christoffel equation and types of boundary conditions; Sensors: Generation and reception. Near-field and far-field measurements; Time-of-fight method: Basics, imaging, and applications; Phased array: Theory and applications; Electromagnetic acoustic transducers: governing equations, construction of transducers, and applications; Guided waves: dispersion relations and applications; Synthetic aperture focused technique; Metamaterials in ultrasound imaging [12]

IV. Computer vision: Optical methods

  • Basics of instrumentation and optics; Digital image and digital volume correlation; Discrete Fourier transforms and phase based amplification; Measurement of mechanical properties from digital images [7]

V. Special topics

  • Structural Health monitoring: Computer vision, fibre optics, and acoustic emission; AI in NDE; Shearography; Selection of parameters of instrumentation; Hybrid techniques: eddy-current thermography, laser-ultrasonics [7]


  • Courses on mechanics of solids (ME321A or ME621A or equivalent) and basics of heat transfer


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Prepared by

C. Chandraprakash