Engineering Design and Graphics




1L-0T-2P-0A (5 Credits)




Course Content:

Theory of general engineering design, conceptual design, embodiment design, designing to standard, basic sketching, machine drawing, dimensioning as per standards, fits and tolerances, machine elements, assembly drawing, geometrical modeling, and use of CAD software for modeling and animation.

Lecturewise Breakup:

I. Introduction, review of drawing standards (ISS, BS, ASTM), CAD softwares: (1 Lecture)

II. Dimensioning: (1 Lecture)

III. Threaded fasteners / Keys, cotters, pins / Couplings: (1 Lecture)

IV. Bearings / Gears / Shafts: (1 Lecture)

V. CAD and Geometrical modeling: (2 Lectures)

VI. Principles of assembly: (2 Lectures)

VII. Fits and Tolerances: (2 Lectures)

VIII. Design Process, conceptual design, embodiment design with examples of engineering systems and products: (3 Lectures)

Laboratory sessions:

I. Basic review of machine part drawing.

II. Sections.

III. Auxiliary projections.

IV. Threaded fasteners.

V. Couplings.

VI. Gears, shafts.

VII. Bearings.

VIII. Assembly drawings.

IX. CAD 1.

X. CAD 2.

XI. CAD 3.


XIII. Reverse engg. (CAD modeling / animation).

XIIIV. Reverse Engg (CAD modeling/animation).


  1. Machine Drawing by Ajeet Singh, Mc Graw Hill

  2. Machine Drawing by N.D. Bhatt and V.M. Panchal, Charotar Publications.