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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The Psychology Lab is equipped with the latest and some of the best facilities for behavioural research in the country.

It has facilities for conducting research in many cutting edge areas of psychology. The major equipments include Eye-Tracker, Bio and Neurofeedback systems, Vienna Testing System and Electronic Tachitoscope. Besides them, several other facilities and equipments are also available. The lab also has some of the best known software such as E-Prime and SuperLab for designing and conducting experiments. For data analysis (both, qualitative and quantitative) software such as SPSS, LISREL, NVivo, Atlas.ti and Decision Explorer are available. The lab is equipped with one-way glass room with audio and video devices. It also has a large collection of psychological tests and batteries. Currently the lab is engaged in several applied research projects. Selected facilities can be booked online at The facilities are available to outside researchers against payment.

Contact Information
New Core Lab 310
Phone: 0512-2597644