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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The Fine-Arts Lab is the main art studio and an integral part of the Fine-Arts discipline that supports various discipline-related activities.

Among the regular activities, the compulsory Fine-Arts postgraduate courses “ART703: STUDIO ART” and “ART711: Creative Painting – Methodology & Practices” are conducted at this lab. Occasionally, other Fine-Arts postgraduate and undergraduate courses are taught here. All the tutorials and practical activities associated with these courses are also held in the Fine-Arts Lab.

Along with regular teaching activities, the Fine-Arts Ph.D. students are encouraged to use this space for their art practice and research activities. Besides this, Fine-Arts discipline also organizes international Fine-Arts workshops in this studio space for the students and faculty members of this institute. In recent years, two noteworthy art workshops were conducted there by Prof. Kathleen James-Chakraborty (University College Dublin, Ireland) and Prof. MojganJahanara (University of Art, Tehran).

Contact Information
Faculty Building 667
Phone: 0512-2597145