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Philosophy of the Project

  • The Philosophy of the project is to revive the rich Indian craft tradition. Many of the traditional crafts are vanishing due to its complex design, material, manufacturing process etc.
  • The modern technology can simplify and restore the heritage of traditional craft design without losing its essence.
  • Considering the above philosophy Lucknow Chikan embroidery has been identified to do the above experiment through field application.


  • In Lucknow Chikan Embroidery, the present practice of using wooden blocks to convert designs is time consuming and expensive, with limited variations in design.
  • The project intends in concentrating on Lucknow Chikan embroidery. The present project would like to investigate and develop the following areas.
    • Understanding the contemporary design style and the past heritage.
    • Using Computer Aided Design (CAD), developing new motifs and composition of past Indian and original Persian design motifs.
    • The project would also develop hand-held computer printer, in place of block for easy transferring design directly from the computer to the fabric surface.

Project Goals

  • Developing a Design Tool: Using Computer Aided Design(CAD), developing an in-house software tool for making Chikan Embroidery.
  • Developing a Printer: Developing a hand-held computer printer for easy transferring designs directly from the computer on to the fabric surface.


This software would help in generating larger variations of designs while being cost effective and less time consuming than the existing traditional Chikan Embroidery.

Project Investigator

Prof Amit Ray

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