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The Government of India has approved the full scope program of the restructured Media Lab Asia for a period of nine years. It has recently announced by Union I.T. Secretary Mr.K.K.Jaswal.

 The collaboration between MIT, USA and Media Lab Asia ceased to continue since April 2003.During an internal review taken by the Government, it was felt that there need not be an exclusive relationship with the MIT and if a research group in-charge of a project felt that the researchers in institution other than MIT could contribute more towards that particular project, it should be free to access that institution.

 The Government of India has approved the full scope of the program of restructured Media Lab Asia for a period of nine years. The cabinet has also approved setting up of a Steering Committee which would suggest:

 i)) the organization structure for the Media Lab Asia  in alignment with what obtains in Government and its R&D institutions, and

ii) to recommend the level of Government support for the 11th year plan period after evaluation of the performance of the program at the end of the last year of the Tenth plan , taking into consideration the response of the private sector.

Our Mission: To research for the development of tomorrow's tools (which will help the poor masses worldwide to learn, to know and to prosper) by applying thoughts and using modern technology.

Media Lab Asia is interested in the areas of technological innovation and original research work that should not only end up with a patent application but also should have definite and meaningful outcome to help to alleviate the living standard of millions of people in third-world countries. Besides that, it is also interested in any sort of innovative and genuine work in the area of education, health, entertainment, communication etc.

Media Lab Asia consists of several labs and Kanpur-Lucknow Lab (KLL) is one of them. The Kanpur Lucknow Lab @IIT Kanpur works as a center of  ICT innovation.

Media Lab Asia is a distributed research organization. In order to ensure the highest standards of quality, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial success at all the labs, it is necessary to outline a prescription. Activities of a lab should be modeled so as to ensure such an environment. It is assumed that each lab is a microcosm of the overall network of Media Lab Asia. Even if there is a Media Lab in Europe or a Media Lab in India, the spirit and the ambiance of intellectual creativity and social entrepreneurial passion should spread thorough all the labs as a common thread. Even if the geographical locations are different, it is expected that all labs will evolve a unique brand of intellectual standards.

The Media Lab Asia Kanpur-Lucknow lab is one of the labs working in the research areas of Tomorrow's Tools and pursuing many projects aimed at providing innovative solutions and tools for rural masses.


For a complete list of projects currently going on at Media Lab Asia Kanpur-Lucknow Lab, follow the research section of this website.


Page updated on Tue April 06 IST 2004