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Recent developments in the field of Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) have been impressive in terms of introduction of new products and services. These changes, however, have affected only a small fraction of the global population. It is restricted to somewhat urban population. Many Governments and commercial organizations do believe that there is a scope of of bringing ICT to rural population all over the world and particularly rural and under-privileged population in Asia. Many consumer products are sold in remotest areas of world. However, this is not the case for ICT products. It is felt that the situation is so because ICT products have not been developed keeping in mind the Asian rural target population. The social, economic, cultural situations are so different that one needs to develop new products and services for these societies. Commercial organizations do feel that western markets are getting saturated. If ICT products are indeed developed and marketed in these new markets, it will provide new opportunities for many individuals as well as organizations.

Environment of Research Activities

Research is the primary focus of Media Lab Asia. In order to facilitate the work as well as ensure that the research activities are in line with the overall objectives of the organization, some practices are followed :

  • Research ideas and proposals are discussed in a demo format. This is different from the conventional proposal format.
  • Research teams held once a week meeting.
  • Once a quarter, a demo gallery event takes place. All the work being carried out at the lab are displayed in demo format. The schedule is announced well in advance to all other labs, current sponsors, potential sponsors, other research workers.
  • Research workers in KLL always remember that generation of IPR is important for Media Lab Asia. In order to generate IPRs in the form of copyrights, patents etc, it is desirable to generate the documents in the form of monthly research memos or research reports.

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