PhD Theses

  • Role of Bricolage in Women Green Entrepreneurship: An Exploratory Study
    -Seema Potluri; B.V. Phani; Subhankar Mukherjee; Subramaniam Ananthram, Subhadarsini Parida; Jan 2024

  • Contemporary Issues in Rail Operations: Three Essays
    -Md Tabish Haque; Faiz Hamid; Feb 2023

  • The Relationship of Use of Enterprise Social-Media and Types of HR Analytics Used in Different Business Strategic Firms, Innovation Firms and Management Levels of Strategic Firms for HR Practices
    -Sonal Gupta; R R K Sharma; Jan 2023

  • Modelling & Analysis of Terrorism
    -Prabal Pratap Singh; Deepu Philip; Oct 2022

  • Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading and EVs in the Distributed Electricity Market Under Smart Grid
    -Kamini Singh; Anoop Singh; Oct 2022

  • Towards Sustainable Transportation: Performance Assessment of Indian Public Bus Companies from the Economic, Social and Environmental Perspectives
    -Shivam Kushwaha; Shankar Prawesh; Aug 2022

  • Three Essays on Resilience and Sustainability of Tourism in India: A Multiscale View
    -Mahfuzuar Rahman Barbhuiya; Devlina Chatterjee; Aug 2022

  • Essays on Consumer Focused Information Extraction and Evaluation in Online Environment
    -Somnath Bhattacharya; Shankar Prawesh; Jayanta Chatterjee; July 2022

  • Consumer Attitude and Country of Origin Effect: Consumer Ethnocentrism, Status Consumption, and Ethnocentrism Pitched Advertisement
    -Abiot Tsegaye Kibret; Amit Shukla; July 2022

  • Building Blocks of Innovation & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem In An Emerging Economy (An Effective Monetization policy framework leveraging latent Knowledge Resources)
    -Ramswarup Arjunsingh Bhaskar; B. V. Phani; Shantanu Dutta; Jun 2022

  • Design of Contracts and Mechanisms for Agri-Business Supply Chains with Some Generalizations
    -Ranjeet Singh Rajput; Sri Vanamalla V; Apr 2022

  • A Framework for Implementing Digitalization: Assessment of Enablers for its Continuance in Indian Construction
    -Avirag Bajpai; Subhas Chandra Misra; Apr 2022

  • Analysing Motivation and Entrepreneurial Learning of the High-Technology Entrepreneur of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sector in India
    -Niti Shekhar; Veena Bansal; Apr 2022

  • Culture, Personality and Organizational Antecedents of Consumer Switching Behavior in Services
    -Anjali Sharma; RRK Sharma; March 2022


  • Relating Strategy, Structure, Culture And Culture Clash, And Power Shift In Organisations To Their Mis Implementation (Types And Processes)
    - Uma S. Nair; R. R. K. Sharma; Mar 2014

  • Study Of Variants Of Joint Replenishment Problem(Jrp) And The Jrp As Applicable To Food Corporation Of India
    - Amit Kumar Gupta; R. R. K. Sharma; Feb 2014


  • Role Of Exogenous And Endogenous Factors In Ipo Underpricing
    - Supriya Katti; B. V. Phani; Jun 2013

  • Attribute Perception, Information Search And Use Of Decision Rules By Individual Investors In An Equity Share Purchase Situation: A Study In Behavioral Finance
    - Smita Pandey; Narendra Kumar Sharma, Ashok K Mittal; Jun 2013

  • Selective Intervention Policy Towards Foreign Direct Investment And Its Impact On The Economy
    - Kunal; B. V. Phani; Feb 2013


  • Relating A Few Organizational Variables Associated With Is (Information System) Planning And Implementation To The Strategy Of The Firm: Developing A Theoretical Framework And Its Empirical Validation.
    - Vinay Singh; R. R. K. Sharma; Oct 2012

  • Variable Selection And Estimation In Presence Of Multicollinear And Categorical Variables
    - Sabyasachi Patra; Debasis Kundu, Kripa Shanker; Jan 2012


  • Essays On Perceived Crowding And Shopper Typology In Retailing
    - Ritu Mehta; Narendra Kumar Sharma; Sanjeev Swami; Aug 2011

  • Exploring The Duality In E–Governance Service Quality Assessment – A Study Of National E-Governance Plan (Negp) In India
    - S N Mukhopadhyay; Jayanta Chatterjee, Raghu Nandan Sengupta, D KGhosh; Jun 2011

  • Consumption Of Space: Ethnography Of Liminality, Resistance And Identity In An Indian Village
    - Ram Manohar Vikas; B. V. Phani, Rohit Varman; May 2011

  • Integrating Operations And Marketing Decisions To Manage Product Variety Under Stochastic Demand
    -K S Thyagaraj; Kripa Shanker, Peeyush Mehta; Apr 2011

  • Predictors Of Customers' Cross-Buying Intentions In Banking Services Market
    - Saroj Kumar Mishra; Narendra Kumar Sharma; Apr 2011


  • Hybrid Formulation For The Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem And Lagrangian Based Solution Technique For The Single And Two Stage Capacitated Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem With Backorders And Setup Times
    - Mayank Verma; R. R. K. Sharma; Jul 2010

  • Modeling And Solution Methodologies For An Integrated Production, Inventory And Distribution-Routing Problem In A Two-Echelon Supply Chain
    - Jitendra Kumar Jha; Kripa Shanker; Feb 2010


  • Hybrid Formulations For The Single Stage Uncapacitated Warehouse Location Problem And Vertical Decomposition Approach For The Single/Two Stage Capacitated Warehouse Location Problem
    - Priyanka Verma; R. R. K. Sharma; Oct 2009

  • Relating Strategies Of Organizations To Their Management Control Systems, Leaderships And Cultures- Devjani Chatterjee; R. R. K. Sharma, Kripa Shanker; Sep 2009

  • Matching Od Interventions With Strategy And Culture In Organizations: A Theoretical Framework And An Empirical Study
    - Sharadindu Pandey; R. R. K. Sharma; May 2009

  • Achieving Competitive Advantage And Organizational Performance: Role Of Service Quality In Manufacturing Supply Chains
    -Gyan Prakash; Kripa Shanker; Mar 2009

  • Development And Analysis Of Heuristics For Manufacturing Cell Formation
    - Prafulla Kulkarni; Kripa Shanker; Jan 2009


  • Bridging The Information Gap Between Requirements Engineering And Configuration Phases In An Erp Implementation
    - Tripti Negi; Veena Bansal; Dec 2008


  • A Study Of Impact Of Various Parameters Of Demand And Lead Time On The Bullwhip Effect In A Serial Supply Chain
    - Sunil Agrawal; Kripa Shanker, Raghu Nandan Sengupta; Nov 2007


  • Hybrid Modeling And Control Of Automated Guided Vehicles System
    - Sudha Arora; Ashok K Mittal; Dec 2006

  • Solving Single And Multi Period Facility Layout Problem: Few Sa And Ga Based Heuristics
    - Surya Prakash Singh; R. R. K. Sharma; Nov 2006

  • Towards A Model Of The Formation Of Non Governmental Organisations In The Third World Context:
    - Nimruji Prasad J; Rahul Varman; Nov 2006

  • Suply Chain Management In Capacitated And Demand Perishable Environments: Algorithms Analysis And Applications
    - Sumit Raut; Sanjeev Swami; Jul 2006


  • Ownership And Internal Restructuring State-Owned Enterprises(Soe)
    - Sudeshwar Prasad Singh; Rahul Varman; Apr 2004


  • Developing Different Formulations Of Sscwlp(Single Stage Capacitated Harehouse Location Problem)And Empirically Establishing Relative Strengths Of Many Of Its Relaxations
    -Vishal Berry; R. R. K. Sharma; Jan 2003


  • Workload Balancing In Fms Loading:A Study Of Imbalance Measures
    - Neeraj Kumar; Kripa Shanker; Apr 1998


  • Generalized Grouping Some Models And Methodologies
    -Mohammad Kutub-Uddin; Kripa Shanker; Apr 1996


  • Exact And Approximate Algorithmms For Flow Shop Scheduling
    - T V L N Sivakumar; S Sadagopan; Jan 1995


  • Issues In Department And Diffusion Of Innovations In Multi Organisational Settings
    - S Rajagopalan; Arun P Sinha, A K N Reddy; Dec 1993


  • Generalized Grouping And Loading Problems In Fms:Models And Methodologies
    - Anil Kumar Agrawal; Kripa Shanker; Aug 1990


  • A Support System For Optimization Modelling
    - Indushekhar Sing; S Sadagopan; Nov 1987


  • Modelling And Assessment Of Sickness In The Organized Sector Of Cotton Textile Industry
    - Abbas Mohammad Wasim; J. L. Batra; Jan 1985


  • Effects Of Organismic And Environmental Factors On Manipulation Of Controls In A Two-Wheeler Driving Configuration;
    - Syed Aliul Hasan Rizivi; Narendra Kumar Sharma, J. L. Batra; Jun 1984


  • Role Of Parametric Programming In Network Flow Problems
    - R K Ahuja; S KGupta, J. L. Batra; Jul 1981


  • Policy Analysis For Government And Industry Relationship: The Problem Of Sick Units In Sugar Industry
    - Surendra Kumar Agrawal ; P N Rastogi; Aug 1979



Students from other departments


PhD Theses

  • Deep Learning Architectures for Classification of Mobile LiDAR Data
    - Bhavesh Kumar; Bharat Lohani; Gaurav Pandey; Subhas Chandra Misra; Dec 2019

  • Design and Development of Sustainable, Eco-friendly Charge Storage Devices from Earth Abundant Resources
    - Amarish Dubey; Mainak Das; Deepu Philip; Oct 2017

  • Solving Different Formulations of Single Stage Capacitated Warehouse Location Problem Primarily by Benders’ Decomposition Method and Solving MID_CPLP Problem by Lagrangian Relaxation Method
    - Pritee Agarwal; R.R.K. Sharma; Nov 2014

  • A Study on Stationarity Concepts for a Class of SMPCC Problems
    - Arnab Sur; Joydeep Dutta; Raghu Nandan Sengupta; Feb 2014