Our department has an active alumni association. The student members are invited to attend the alumni meet held every year and will also receive privileges for participating in events, social activities, seminars etc. The Institute's activities and programs for its alumni are directed towards building lifelong bonds of association with the Institute.


DoMS is proud of its alumni. The Institute welcomes its alumni to continue an endearing relationship with its alma mater. Department works closely with the Alumni Association to involve alumni through various activities towards excellence at DoMS. DoMS alumni association has a number of chapters around the globe to keep in touch with its alumni.


  • Abir Mukherjee, Vice-President, CitiGroup, INDIA.

  • Ajay Pal Singh, Vice President, Nomura Securities, INDIA.

  • Gagandeep Malhotra, Assistant Vice President, CITI Bank, INDIA.

  • Khem Aithani, ITC Infotech, INDIA.

  • Kunal Tijoriwala, Vice President, CITI Bank, INDIA.

  • Manish Gupta, Director, Microsoft.

  • Mukul Srivastava, General Manager, Crompton Greaves, INDIA.

  • Narasimha Bolloju, Associate Professor, Information Systems City University of Hong Kong, CHINA.

  • Nimruji Prasad Jammulamadaka, Assistant Professr, Behavioral Sciences IIM Calcutta, INDIA.

  • Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Director, Nortel Networks.

  • Ravindra K. Ahuja, Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering Dept., University of Florida, USA.

  • Sanjay Kumar, Professor, MDI Gurgaon, INDIA.

  • Sanjeev Swami, Professor and HOD, Dayalbagh University, INDIA.

  • Satyaveer Singh Chauhan, Associate Professor, Department of Supply Chain and Business Technology Management Concordia University, CANADA.

  • Shashi Kumar, Assistant Vice President, Nomura Securities, INDIA.

  • Subodh Kumar, Associate Professor, Mays Business School, TAMU, USA.

  • Sunil Gupta, Consultant, Independent Business unit of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, Insurance) for ITC Infotech India Ltd (I3L).

  • Surya Prakash Singh, Faculty of Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi, INDIA.

  • Upendra Kumar Earle, Assistant Vice President, HSBC, INDIA.

  • Ranganath , Program manager, Quality Assurance, UBS Account, IBM


Surendra Kumar Agrawal

Supervisor: P N Rastogi
Year: 3 August, 1979
Thesis: Policy Analysis For Government And Industry Relationship: The Problem Of Sick Units In Sugar Industry



R K Ahuja

Supervisors: S K Gupta, J L Batra
Year: 1 July, 1981
Thesis:Role Of Parametric Programming In Network Flow Problems



Syed Aliul Hasan Rizivi

Supervisor: Narendra Kumar Sharma, J L Batra
Year: 23 June, 1984
Thesis: Effects Of Organismic And Environmental Factors On Manipulation Of Controls In A Two-Wheeler Driving Configuration



Abbas Mohammad Wasim

Supervisors:J L Batra
Year: 1 January, 1985
Thesis:Modelling and Assessment of Sickness In The Organized Sector Of Cotton Textile Industry



Indushekhar Singh

Supervisors: S Sadagopan
Year: 9 November, 1987
Thesis:A Support System For Optimization Modelling



Anil Kumar Agrawal

Supervisors: Kripa Shanker
Year: 12 August, 1990
Thesis:Generalized Grouping And Loading Problems In Fms:Models And Methodologies



S Rajagopalan

Supervisors: Arun P Sinha, A K N Reddy
Year: 12 December, 1993
Thesis:Issues In Department And Diffusion Of Innovations In Multi Organisational Settings



T V L N Sivakumar

Supervisors: S Sadagopan
Year: 12 January, 1995
Thesis:Exact And Approximate Algorithmms For Flow Shop Scheduling



Mohamma Kutub-Uddin

Supervisors: Kripa Shanker
Year: 15 April, 1996
Thesis:Generalized Grouping Some Models And Methodologies



Neeraj Kumar

Supervisors: Kripa Shanker
Year: 1 April, 1998
Thesis:Workload Balancing In Fms Loading:A Study Of Imbalance Measures



Vishal Berry

Supervisors: R R K Sharma
Year: 21 January, 1996
Thesis:Developing Different Formulations Of Sscwlp (Single Stage Capacitated Harehouse Location Problem) And Empirically Establishing Relative Strengths Of Many Of Its Relaxations



Sudeshwar Prasad Singh

Supervisors: Rahul Varman
Year: 30 April, 2004
Thesis:Ownership And Internal Restructuring State-Owned Enterprises (SOE)



Sumit Raut

Supervisors: Sanjeev Swami
Year: 19 July, 2006
Thesis:Suply Chain Management In Capacitated And Demand Perishable Environments: Algorithms Analysis And Applications



Nimruji Prasad J

Supervisors: Rahul Varman
Year: 10 November, 2006
Thesis:Towards A Model Of The Formation Of Non Governmental Organisations In The Third World Context:



Surya Prakash Singh

Supervisors: R R K Sharma
Year: 30 November, 2006
Thesis:Solving Single And Multi Period Facility Layout Problem: Few SA And GA Based Heuristics



Sudha Arora

Supervisors: Ashok K Mittal
Year: 2 December, 2006
Thesis:Hybrid Modeling And Control Of Automated Guided Vehicles System



Sunil Agrawal

Supervisors: Kripa Shanker, Raghu Nandan Sengupta
Year: 26 November, 2007
Thesis:A Study Of Impact Of Various Parameters Of Demand And Lead Time On The Bullwhip Effect In A Serial Supply Chain



Tripti Negi

Supervisors: Veena Bansal
Year: 23 December, 2008
Thesis:Bridging The Information Gap Between Requirements Engineering And Configuration Phases In An ERP Implementation



Prafulla Kulkarni

Supervisors: Kripa Shanker
Year: 15 January, 2009
Thesis:Development And Analysis Of Heuristics For Manufacturing Cell Formation



Gyan Prakash

Supervisors: Kripa Shanker
Year: 6 March, 2009
Thesis:Achieving Competitive Advantage And Organizational Performance: Role Of Service Quality In Manufacturing Supply Chains



Sharadindu Pandey

Supervisors: R R K Sharma
Year: 13 May, 2009
Thesis:Matching OD Interventions With Strategy And Culture In Organizations: A Theoretical Framework And An Empirical Study



Devjani Chatterjee

Supervisors: R R K Sharma, Kripa Shanker
Year: 22 September, 2009
Thesis:Relating Strategies Of Organizations To Their Management Control Systems, Leaderships And Cultures



Priyanka Verma

Supervisors: R R K Sharma
Year: 13 October, 2009
Thesis:Hybrid Formulations For The Single Stage Uncapacitated Warehouse Location Problem And Vertical Decomposition Approach For The Single/Two Stage Capacitated Warehouse Location Problem



Jitendra Kumar Jha

Supervisors: Kripa Shanker
Year: 3 February, 2010
Thesis:Modeling And Solution Methodologies For An Integrated Production, Inventory And Distribution-Routing Problem In A Two-Echelon Supply Chain



Mayank Verma

Supervisors: R R K Sharma
Year: 15 July, 2010
Thesis:Hybrid Formulation For The Capacitated Lot Sizing Problem And Lagrangian Based Solution Technique For The Single And Two Stage Capacitated Dynamic Lot Sizing Problem With Backorders And Setup Times



Saroj Kumar Mishra

Supervisors: Narendra Kumar Sharma
Year: 7 April, 2011
Thesis:Predictors Of Customers' Cross-Buying Intentions In Banking Services Market



K S Thyagaraj

Supervisors: Peeyush Mehta, Kripa Shanker
Year: 26 April, 2011
Thesis:Integrating Operations And Marketing Decisions To Manage Product Variety Under Stochastic Demand



Ram Manohar Vikas

Supervisors: B V Phani, Rohit Varman
Year: 18 May, 2011
Thesis:Consumption Of Space: Ethnography Of Liminality, Resistance And Identity In An Indian Village



S N Mukhopadhyay

Supervisors: Jayanta Chatterjee, Raghu Nandan Sengupta, D K Ghosh
Year: 27 June, 2011



Ritu Mehta

Supervisors: Sanjeev Swami, Narendra Kumar Sharma
Year: 17 August, 2011
Thesis:Essays On Perceived Crowding And Shopper Typology In Retailing



Sabyasachi Patra

Supervisors: Debasis Kundu, Kripa Shanker
Year: 25 January, 2012
Thesis:Variable Selection And Estimation In Presence Of Multicollinear And Categorical Variables




Supervisors: B V Phani
Year: 2013
Thesis:Selective Intervention Policy towards Foreign Direct Investment policy and its Impact on Economy



Supriya D Katti

Supervisors: B V Phani
Year: 2013
Thesis:Revisiting IPO Underpricing



Smita Pandey

Year: 2013



Amit Kumar Gupta

Thesis: RI- Operation management, Supply chain management, Operations research.
TT- Different versions of joint Replenishment problem and inventory optimization problem faced by Food Corporation of India

Ph.D Alumni