The Department of Management Sciences (DoMS) at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), INDIA was established with the aim of synergizing technology with management in a comprehensive manner so that the knowledge gained may be used for the benefit of the society at large. The journey started in 1988 with the Ph.d and M.Tech programmes, and in 2001 the department introduced the MBA programme. The focus of the department is to develop techniques and the skills sets relevant to students with diverse backgrounds, and who may wish to subsequently pursue a career in academics or in different technical and managerial positions in Department of Management Sciences related industries. The department covers a whole gamut of areas in Department of Management Sciences, that includes Operations Research, Operations Management, Production & Supply Chain Management, Quantitative Methods & Decision Making, Marketing/Services Management, Business/Social Media Analytics, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Organizational/Human Resource Management, Business Economics, Infrastructure & Public Systems, Financial Markets and Models, Enterprise Information and Knowledge Systems, etc.